Aula Museo Carles Salvador

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The Aula Museo Carles Salvador is located in the building of the ancient Mola hospital, in the highest part of the old town Benassal. It is an exhibition room which recovers the familiar and school atmosphere of Carles Salvador, a place where the visitors discover the intense life of this great master, who was a poet and one of the main figures of the Valencian words and the pedagogical innovation in the 20th century.

Through a contemporary museographical route, the room turns into a useful pedagogical tool which can be used in school and high school educational tasks. It allows working on the figure of Carles Salvador and his time, on different concepts related to literature and also on the values of the defense of the Valencian language and culture.


Benassal is a town famous for its excellent mineral-medicinal water and for its interesting historical and cultural heritage.

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Aula Museo Carles Salvador maestro Benassal

Carles Salvador

Great teacher, poet, main figure of Valencian letters and pedagogical innovation of the twentieth century.