Font d’en Segures

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If there is something that characterises BenassalIf there is something that characterises Benasal is its renowed water and the Font d’En Segures.

Its waters are renowned since the 16th century, but with the improvement of communications, at the end of the 19th century became a referent of the wellness and health tourism. This place was mainly visited by the Valencian bourgeoisie that was attracted by the mineral and medicinal of the crystalline element.

The prestige which the Benassal water acquired, together with the favourable climatoligical and landscape qualities of this region in summer, generated the proliferation of hotels, apartments and rental houses creating an urban space differentiated from the centre of Benassal.

When arriving at this emblematic place, the visitor gets astonished by certain buildings, such as the well-nown “Font de los xorros”, an impressive triangular dome made of stone reminiscent of an old pyramid from a lost civilization.


Benassal is a town famous for its excellent mineral-medicinal water and for its interesting historical and cultural heritage.

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Tourist visit Font d'En Seguresine Benassal

Font d’En Segures

The well-known spring is located only two kilometers far from the old town.