In the old part of Benassal, which preserves the primitive structure of its narrow streets, lots of things like typical houses of popular architecture with arches, coats of arms and adorned balconies can be admired.

La Mola, formed by a portal and part of the old castle and dating from the 13th century, is located in the highest part of the old town. Nowadays, the tourist office, the archeological museum of Alt Maestrat and the Carles Salvador Foundation are established in this building.

Torre de Bulc Benassal, Alt Maestrat



Only two kilometers far from the old town the Font d’En Segures and its spring and health resort are situated. The quality and properties of its mineral and medicinal waters is well-known since immemorial times.

Not very far from it, the natural site of El Rivet is situated. It is a magnificent forest of Valencian oak trees and kermes oaks, from which there are amazing views of the town. This natural site is highly valued by the inhabitants of Benassal, since it is the perfect place to be in contact with nature.


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