Culla Templaria

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At the beginning of autumn, Culla will come back to Middle Ages with its historical recreation ’Culla 1233’, the sponsorship of the Tourism Competitiveness Plan Alt Maestrat Human Land, promoted by the Intermunicipal Association Catí, Culla, Benassal y Ares the Maestratwith the support of Turismo Comunitat Valenciana and the Patronato de Turismo of Castellón. It is organized by the group 'Militia Christi del Maestrat', different local associations and the municipality council.

During all the weekend, this emblematic village from the Alt Maestrat immerses itself fully in the 13th century to revive its reconquest by the noble Aragonese Blasco de Alagón and the forces of the King Jaume I.

Some recreational groups from different points of the Spanish geography come to this event, as well as other groups that come from France and Portugal. All of them spend the night in a military camp located in the ruins of the ancient castle, which accurately reproduce how life in one of this sites was.

The event programme is based on various stagings, such as the battle between the Christian troops and the Saracen garrison of Culla, the sale of the prisoners who were captured in the confrontations or the taking of possesion of the town by the Orden del Temple. Moreover, there are other activities like archery, knight’s clothes and knife-throwing exhibitions, entertainment activities, parades and a huge medieval market with craftwork and gastronomy.


Get lost in the charming corners of Culla, one of the most magical and medieval towns of Alt Maestrat.

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Transport yourself to another time walking through its streets and monuments with the Templar Route, enter the bowels of the earth in the Parc Miner del Maestrat or astomble yourself admiring the universe in the astronomical observatory of Culla.

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