La Conquesta de Culla

Has been completed

The neighbours of Culla prepare with great enthusiasm the historical play which recalls the conquest of its castle, Culla prepare with great enthusiasm the historical play which recalls the conquest of its castle, ʻLa Conquestaʼ. The performance takes place in July in real scenes within the village, taking advantage of its charm. The old town, declared as a Property of Cultural Interest in 2004 goes back to the 13th century to immerse in a medieval atmosphere.

The amateur actors and some citizens turned into extras give life to some characters who lived eight centuries ago and they make that visitors do not forget this emblematic love story and the confrontations between cultures. This initiative is included within the cultural project CULLA VIU, which was developed thanks to a group of volunteers and thanks to the University Extension Programme from the UJI, with the purpose of safeguarding the cultural heritage of the village.

In addition, the theatre play is complemented with some entertainment taking part in the walled enclosure, there is also live medieval music, stalls in which visitors can find honey, lotions and ointments, ceramics, textiles, aromatic and medicinal herbs and food and drinks among others. Finally, the day after the performance the meeting between the King Jaime I and Don Blasco de Alagón is celebrated with the participation of the theatre play characters, the Germandat dels Cavallers de la Conquesta de Castelló and Tambors i Bombos Desperta Ferro.

The capacity to attend the event is limited, for this reason it is necessary to take in the free invitations, which can be found in the town hall, in advance.


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Transport yourself to another time walking through its streets and monuments with the Templar Route, enter the bowels of the earth in the Parc Miner del Maestrat or astomble yourself admiring the universe in the astronomical observatory of Culla.

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