Exhibition of the Black Truffle of the Maestrat

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Black Truffle Castellón

Exhibition of the Black Truffle of the Maestrat

The Exhibition of the Black Truffle of the Maestrat takes place at the end of February or the beginning of March. It is an cita ineludible for the lovers of the ʻblack goldʼ of gastronomy. Each year this event is celebrated in a different town of the region, in the most intense moment of the black truffle season and when they present their best aromatic and flavor properties. A weekend which gathers truffle growers, companies linked to the sector, restaurant owners and gastronomy lovers. There are numerous activities prepared on the occasion of this exhibition, such as the black truffle gastronomical competition, the truffle dogs contest or the showcooking with tuber melanosporum starred in by relevant chefs. In the same way, different and interesting talks and debates given by distinguished professionals are carried out to present this product to the public and talk about the challenges that the commercialization of this product entails.

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Black Truffle of the Maestrat

La altitud, la climatología y la composición del terreno convierten la comarca del Alt Maestrat en uno de los mayores y mejores productores del mundo del diamante negro de la gastronomía.

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