Benassal's water

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Agua de Benassal offers guided tours around its bottling plant, the history of Font d’En Segures and the properties and quality of a mineral water which is natural and unique. The water of Benassal is one of the referents and symbols par excellence of the village and the region. It has mineral-medicinal properties and it is classified as a mixed oligometallic water rich in bicarbonate that is indicated for kidney affections and which has a great therapeutical value.

From the Duke of Vendôme, who in the middle of the 18th century had the road which gave access to the spring opened for him, until the popularization of its mineral-medicinal properties by Doctor Puigvert, Agua de Benassal has written its pages with the dyes of the tradition, the elegance and the know-how of yesterday.


Benassal es pueblo muy famoso por su excelente agua minero-medicinal y por su un interesante patrimonio histórico y cultural.

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Agua de Benassal bottling plant

Benassal's water

Agua de Benassal offers guided tours around its bottling plant